Sep 16 2014


I had planned on preparing a whole birthday post for Lucy with lot’s of pictures of the last year, but I got a little overwhelmed with what I could post that would really tell her story in just a few pictures.  I think the above Shakespeare quote describes her pretty well though.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.


We love this little girl more than words or pictures can say and can’t wait to see what the next year brings! (just as long as there’s no more hospital visits!)

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Sep 13 2014

monthly word prompt – harvest

**I am a part of a small blogger collective consisting of other mom bloggers and each month we are given a word “prompt” to write about.  This months prompt is “harvest””**

I feel like I can say I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long, long time.

If you know me well (heck, if you’ve met me even briefly) you probably know that Autumn is my time.  Not in the “typical-white-girl-omg-pumpkin-spice-latte” sort of way (although I don’t mind those) But ever since I was little, everything about this time of year just makes me so happy.  My birthday is October, so that may play in to it a bit (it falls around the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving, so I get turkey for my birthday meal and pumpkin pie has always been my birthday cake). There’s so much more though to it than just the food (Oh! The food!) I love the cooler weather: the misty mornings, crisp afternoons and foggy evenings.  Somehow, I feel so much more energized when Autumn comes around.  Also, getting to wear more layers and covering up my babushka arms has always been a happy thing.

I could go on forever probably. I am getting slightly off track here.

Last year when Lucy surprised us 6 weeks early and consequently kept us confined to a hospital for 7 weeks I missed my favourite season.  I remember being in the hospital with her and always asking the nurses when we would get out because all I so badly wanted to be outside enjoying the autumn weather with her.  To make it worse, last years autumn was probably the most beautiful autumns I have seen in a long time–and we were stuck inside.

The thing that kept me going was imagining the next year–this year–when we would go to my favourite place: The Apple Barn!

I’ve been going to the Apple Barn most years since I was a little girl.  (**funny story: When I was in my early twenties and it was just Dave and I, the lady at the till was pretty confused when I payed for a ticket for the petting zoo for just myself. “You don’t have any kids with you? …Ok…?”**)  It’s the sweetest little farm day-trip you ever did see.  There’s the obvious of “you pick apples”, as well as a multitude of other fruits and veggies that they now grow there (so many pumpkins!), hay rides, pony rides, a petting zoo (Goats!!!!), a market, a giant bouncy playground.  It’s Heaven.

We were so very happy when we finally had an afternoon off together to be able to go and enjoy it (also, Grandma and Grandpa came along, which always makes Lucy happy)

Again…I could go on.  But I will just show you the awesomeness in pictures instead:

Lucy LOVED the goats.  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it made me.  She giggled the whole time and loved to pet their faces.  And–Look below at her standing on her own!  Ta-da!

She was slightly skeptical of the pumpkins, and couldn’t seem to figure out why we were taking her picture amidst a bunch of vegetables.

“Harvest” is the September writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Courteney of The Titled Blog. A few words from Courteney — Hello! I’m Courteney from “The Titled Blog” I live up in Canada (in Abbotsford, British Columbia – just East of Vancouver) with my husband, one year old daughter Lucy, a pug named Minnie and an angry flame point siamese cat named Bigsby. My blog has evolved over the last 7 years from random rants and social commentary to lifestyle and now most recently to being a mom. My daughter was born with a lot of health problems and I often write about the challenges that have come with having a baby that has spent a good chunk of her first year in and out of the hospital and how to deal with those challenges head on. When I’m not blogging, I work as a photographer with my own business (Courteney Rodda Photography) sing in my jazz band “Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys” and most recently I am sewing for an awesome local company making baby moccasins called “Minimoc
You can also find me on Instagram, where I post too many pictures of my daughter, dog and cat.

/// The Mommy Blogger Collective /// Christina, Courteney, Dena, Erica, Erin, Gillian, Katie, Misty, Nicole, and Renée. ///

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Sep 13 2014

37-52 A Basket of Baby

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 37:  A Basket of Baby!

11.75 months old

Lately she has taken to playing inside the basket of toys that sits next to my desk.  Sometimes she just lounges in it, on top of her toys, staring at me.  I always pull the coffee table aside in the living room and give her as much space as possible to play, but she chooses either to be inside her toy basket, or under my chair as I work.


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Sep 8 2014

oh, deer lake.

We went camping!

Dave and I have always loved camping, and this year was our first chance to bring Lucy with too!  We are so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and to have our pick of amazing campgrounds right nearby.  I had never been to Deer Lake before, but it was close to Harrison (which was nice incase we needed anything, or wanted to go in to town for ice-cream-which we did!) When I booked it, the reservation map showed that it was almost completely empty and I liked that!  There’s nothing more annoying than being at a busy campground and having babies crying all through the night–something I didn’t really want to inflict on other people.

Originally, Dave and I had budgeted our summer vacation for a trip to go down to Seattle, but the more we thought about it, the more we were nervous about the logistics with a baby (who has too many feeding issues to list) and trying to plan days around that.  Spending time at a quiet campground seemed much more relaxing.  So we used some of the money that we set aside for hotels and food to buy ourselves a nice new tent (after all, our teeny pup-tent probably wouldn’t be too comfortable with a baby and a dog) and a few other camping accoutrements.

Lucy seemed to really enjoy herself, and loved to crawl through the dirt and pick up pinecones and leaves.  We were really relieved at how well she did.

A typical morning at Camp Rodda.

All of a sudden, Lucy decided that not all food was poison and did really well eating.  She at half a piece of bread for breakfast one morning which was pretty crazy!

Typical afternoons.  Note, the look on Minnie’s face.  She hated camping.  This is why she looks terrified in most of the pictures.  To add insult to injury, when we were walking through the campground, some doofus had two unleashed pit-bulls who charged at Minnie (she was leashed).  One had it’s mouth entirely around poor Minnie’s back, and the other was grabbing at her ears.  Dave was trying to get Minnie away, but he also had Lucy in the baby carrier and didn’t want to get too close.  The owner (who ran over almost right away and eventually got them off) said they were not being aggressive–but seriously guys. Seeing your dog in the mouth of a pit-bull is not pleasant.  Poor Minnie.

Case in point.

“Let’s please go home…please?”

We loved our new tent.  It was two rooms, that could be made in to one giant room, which we did.  It fit our play pen perfectly, and in the evenings when Lucy got kind of squirrelly just before bed we had a big quilt on the ground to let her bomb around and get some energy out.

The lake was lovely and quiet.  It looks like it was cold that week, but it was actually very hot and humid!  We just didn’t go in the lake because none of us felt like putting on our bathing suits.  Haha…

Lot’s of games were played.  Dave totally schooled me at risk, but in my defence, I have only ever played it once before this time.  I beat him at Skip-bo though, so it was ok.

And lastly…because Dave said no one would believe us if we didn’t take a picture…I did indeed make eggs Benedict from scratch on a camp stove.  And yes, they turned out lovely, thank-you very much.
I also did a lot of video and if I’m diligent enough, you may see some highlights soon!
 See our pictures from our 2012 camping trip here (we didn’t go last year because I was gigantically pregnant and not in the mood to sleep outside!)

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Sep 5 2014

36-52 Splish Splash!

Project 52 – A portrait(s) of my child once a week, every week in 2014.

Week 36:  Splish Splash!

11.5 months old

I absolutely love how much Lucy loves the water.  She has so much fun in the bath, and it’s hilarious watching her splash herself all the time.  She also thinks it’s hilarious, which makes it even better.

On a slightly related note…we have the most awkward bathtub on the planet for bathing a baby (it’s raised up on a ledge and is really big) and I can not wait to find a new house with a normal bathtub.  House hunting is hard.  And I’m impatient!

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