Aug 28 2015


35-52 “Are you giving me the stink-eye?”



Aug 22 2015


34-52  Wanting to go outside to “help” everyone with all the construction on the house.


Aug 14 2015


33-52 A rare moment of stillness, in the dim light of a rainy day.


Aug 5 2015


32-52 This past week my brother and his family were out visiting from Montreal.  My nephew and niece stayed in our house for the three short days they were here and Lucy loved it!  She was always asking for them, and I have a feeling she will be very sad when she wakes up from her nap in a bit to find that they aren’t here.  Come Christmas time (when they visit next) she will be taller, talk more and maybe (just maybe) have enough hair for a tiny pony tail on top. Haha! So many changes in just a few months.  I’m pretty sure these kids grew a couple feet in the month and a half since we last saw them (when we visited Montreal).


Jul 31 2015


31-52  Just when I thought I wouldn’t have much to share for this week…

I had just gotten back from town with Lucy where I picked up this plastic container and some dollar store toys to make a DIY water table for her.  I figured I might as well fill it with some water in the mean time before we get a stand built.  Lucy started playing with it right away and so Dave and I got lunch ready while she played.  She was running back and forth mooching food from us and then all of a sudden I heard her calling out from the deck for food.  When I came out, I found her like this, sitting right in the little plastic container and dumping water on herself!  She was so pleased with herself.  After I took off her (VERY soggy) diaper and dried her off we went in to get ready for a nap, and as soon as I put her down she ran back outside and sat down in the water again.  This kid LOVES the water.  Look at that joy!

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