Attention Mongers…

I really hate it when people do something that someone found funny once over and over. (did that sentence make sense?) Like this lady at work, for instance. She one time laughed weirdly, and people thought it was funny, and were like “Have you heard *so and so* laugh? It’s pretty funny.” And then she kept on doing it over and over, and now she pretends that it’s the way that she has always laughed. (Believe me, I would have heard it before if this is the way she has always laughed) And holy crap for crap, it’s annoying.
The same lady always comments on my clothes. Whenever she sees something she likes, she asks if I got it from Wal Mart. Wal Mart? Of all the godforsaken places in the world–Wal Mart?! I have serious issues with that company, and they mostly have to do with the fact that they are evil (oh, and they steal from small businesses, and they don’t have any ethics when it comes to fair trade, and they have an ugly logo. Oh, and they destroy people. And ruin the moral of small towns. And they are disgusting. But enough about that). If anyone out there is reading this (highly doubtful) and they happen to shop at Wal Mart, do the world a favor and never do it again. It’s the epitome of evil in our overweight, over-cheap, stuff-hoarding North American culture. I don’t think it’s evil to shop. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy shopping. It’s just evil to shop at Wal Mart. I just hope the world realizes that one day.
Thats my rant.

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