Chocolate Cake….

I just had chocolate cake and vanilla gelato for supper, and a glass of white wine, and a half glass of red wine. It was lovely. Today was slightly dissapointing, because Dave was going to suprise me with upgrading my wedding ring to bigger diamonds. I love diamonds. I love bigger diamonds even more. When we bought my ring originally they made Dave think that it was an easy affordable process to upgrade. Well it’s not, and it’s a big scam. So sad. I wanted bigger diamonds. Oh well. Dave says maybe at Christmas time. Christmas time is a magical time of year, so I beleive him.
I also went looking for a light jacket to wear, since I’ve had the same jacket since grade 11. It’s getting kind of grungy looking. I can’t beleive I still own it. I’m embarrased when I see people from highschool and I’m wearing it. I’m sure they are thinking “Gosh…she still has that thing?” So I came home really discouraged, feeling like my whole wardrobe just looked cheap and mismatched, so I purged about 75% of it. Dave said “Now you wont feel so guity if you buy something new.” I think that’s a good attitude for a husband to have.
Do I sound materialistic today? Probably. I just really want to get a nice light semi casual jacket. Where can I find one?

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