I read an article today about the US thinking about bombing Iran. They think that if they don’t bomb Iran, they will view it as a weakness, and then bomb the US. Ummm…yeah. Don’t get me started. I’m pretty tired of this whole fandangled thing. What’s this war about again? I forgot. Something about an axis of evil? Weapons of mass destruction? Bush’s personal hate for the Middle East (oops! How’d that get in there?) It all comes down to one thing: oil, oil, oil. The idea of fighting “terror” may have sounded like a stupendous idea to the Americans at the time of 9/11 (and to some, still) but it’s about as impossible, as Dave put it today, as fighting the nighttime. You can’t. How do you tell a religious group their ideas are wrong? By completely wiping them off the face of the planet? I’m not trying to say I agree with suicide bombings and the like, but really. I’m pretty sure declaring war on a religious group isn’t going to do much. Especially a religious group that sees dying in this manner as honorable.
Crap. I wasn’t actually going to ramble on about this. Oh well. There it is. Take it or leave it.
I was going to mention that Andrea and I are planning a Garden Party for all of our old friends from highschool. It should be pretty fantabulous. We are going to make some excellent cakes, drink sherry, listen to music, and chat about all the good ol’ days. I’m excited.

I just put tanning lotion on my legs. That is also exciting.

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