Jun 9 2007

Dave made me do it…

I’m in shock that I am actually doing this. The absolute contrarian has a blog. It’s uncanny. Dave told me I should start journaling, however, I’ve forgotten how to use a pen. It’s a sad day for me. I’ve caved to the blogging world.

My day was pretty relaxed–I slept in, did the laundry, cleaned up a bit, searched facebook for a while. While I was cleaning, I was thinking about my career as a graphic artist. It’s interesting–everyone always tells me “You must love your work so much.” I’m telling you though, you can only love being a corporate graphic artist if you have no problems giving in to the man in the suit, and copying those which you wish you were.

Don’t be fooled. When you see my work at the company I’m at presently, don’t think that I really like what I’m coming up with. Because, in fact, it’s not me thats coming up with most of the stuff. Thats why the stuff sucks. I have two older men with no taste hovering over me half the time saying “…Maybe, if we put an outline around the text it would stand out really well.” *shudder*

I do this to pay the bills.

I feel like I’ve left behind the artist I was and become a corporate monkey. I can not do this for the rest of my life. I’m not being true to myself if I do. Corporate images and free company t-shirts just don’t really go well with my personality. Oh well, at least it will get me to Europe.