Day One & Two of Alaska Excursion Extraordinaire

Sunday was mostly a day of figuring out the ship and the schedule and whatnot. Because this is “freestyle” cruising, it makes it much easier when you have a small baby aboard and you need to do things on his schedule. Marcus went to bed at 8:30, and I read Wuthering Heights while Kevin and Karla went out for a late supper.
Monday has included a yoga class with Karla in the morning, feeding Marcus a too sugary muffin for breakfast (that wasn’t me though…but I did watch…) trying to get marcus to sleep, but instead watching him squirm around the room grumpily. Then, after him not sleeping, I took him around the boat for a while in the stroller, then we had some lunch, and then put him to sleep. While he was sleeping I was able to slip away and take advantage (or be taken advantage of…I’m not sure) of the ridiculously expensive internet service they have aboard (service? I’m not so sure…more like a disservice at $.75 a minute.) Tonight we will have tepanyaki It will be exciting. No pictures yet, as we haven’t gone off the boat.
Until next time!

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