Day five of Alaska Excursion Extraordinaire

Today was much nicer of a day. Although Marcus was up by 4:40, we had breakfast, and then were able to nap again for an hour. Later on in the morning we went to Skagway, which is a much nicer town than Juneau. It’s been restored a lot better and is more attractive to touristy people such as myself. A lot of cute little shops. Karla found a kids store with some very cute Moose attire for marcus (rubber boots and a raincoat–which obviously wont fit him till he’s like, two, but still sooo cute) Later on I was able to find a place with cheap internet and I did a little bit of facebooking and stuff, while Kevin and Karla wandered around town. After that we had lunch and then headed off for our train ride. It was 3.5 hours long, and Marcus slept for about two of those hours. On the way back he was fairly lively, but luckily the people around us were grandparents and liked him a lot (they even took pictures!) The train ride was neat. Lots of history stuff. After that we played with marcus on the boat, and then had supper at a nice healthy place on the boat. While we were eating two big whales came up beside the boat and did a little show for us. Then marcus decided the day was over, and thus, so was mine.
That was it for day five!
PS: tomorrow there is a chocolate buffet! JOY!

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