Day four of Alaska Excursion Extraordinaire

(continuation from Day 3) Last night I was supposed to order room service while Kevin & Karla had supper. It was most frustrating. First off, the initial ordering was dumb. I couldn’t get anyone in room service to answer. Then when they finally did, I got someone who didn’t understand very much english. I tried ordering wine, and he got confused. He ended up bringing my food with the wrong dessert. It was alright, but still wrong. Then he didn’t bring my wine, but just a wine list (because he didn’t know what a shiraz was) So I ordered a glass of 2002 australian shiraz, and ended up with a whole $50 bottle of wine. Grrr… I had two glasses, and then left a note for Kevin and Karla to finish it off when they got back.
Today I was in Juneau and it was fairly miserable. It was cold and raining to start. And I was alone with Marcus, as Kevin and Karla were on a hike. So the boat dropped us off at 7:00AM, which, in case you are crazy, is way too early to be dropped off. Especially if you have a baby, and nothing is open, and it’s raining, and all there is to do is walk around an unopened town in the rain. Urg. So I found a couple jewelry (surprise surprise) store that were open (at 7AM?!) and I went to them to be warm. Then I walked all the way to the state capital building (up hill with a stroller…) and of course, it was closed. So I went back down, and a couple more things were opened. This repeated till I found a coffee shop that was opened, and I fed Marcus. After that I found a place that wasn’t ridiculously expensive for internet and did a little internetting–while Marcus wreaked havoc about the shop. So I left (I think some people were very mad at me) and walked around in the rain some more. At this time more stores were open, but seriously, how many diamond and fur places can one go to in one day?! Later I went to the library, but at this point Marcus was being “Devil Child” (as Kevin likes to call it) and I decided it was best to go back to the ship. I was supposed to meet Matt’s sister at 12:30, but it was 11:30, and if I didn’t let the little child free from his stroller, hell would break loose. When I got back to the ship I met Kevin and Karla again, and we had a reasonable evening looking at icebergs and whatnot (and I had grilled Mahi Mahi with coconut curry sauce for supper…mmm)
Thats it!

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