Jun 13 2007


I was so hungry at 4:30…then we went for supper at 5:30, and I ate too much. Now I am dying.
Today was boring. I did a bunch of catalog work for some new dealers. *yawn* I think I’m going to go clean the house, and then do my nails. What an exciting report this was. I bet every single one of the non people who didn’t actually read this were completely and totallly unenthralled.
Until next time…

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Jun 12 2007


I read an article today about the US thinking about bombing Iran. They think that if they don’t bomb Iran, they will view it as a weakness, and then bomb the US. Ummm…yeah. Don’t get me started. I’m pretty tired of this whole fandangled thing. What’s this war about again? I forgot. Something about an axis of evil? Weapons of mass destruction? Bush’s personal hate for the Middle East (oops! How’d that get in there?) It all comes down to one thing: oil, oil, oil. The idea of fighting “terror” may have sounded like a stupendous idea to the Americans at the time of 9/11 (and to some, still) but it’s about as impossible, as Dave put it today, as fighting the nighttime. You can’t. How do you tell a religious group their ideas are wrong? By completely wiping them off the face of the planet? I’m not trying to say I agree with suicide bombings and the like, but really. I’m pretty sure declaring war on a religious group isn’t going to do much. Especially a religious group that sees dying in this manner as honorable.
Crap. I wasn’t actually going to ramble on about this. Oh well. There it is. Take it or leave it.
I was going to mention that Andrea and I are planning a Garden Party for all of our old friends from highschool. It should be pretty fantabulous. We are going to make some excellent cakes, drink sherry, listen to music, and chat about all the good ol’ days. I’m excited.

I just put tanning lotion on my legs. That is also exciting.


Jun 11 2007

Attention Mongers…

I really hate it when people do something that someone found funny once over and over. (did that sentence make sense?) Like this lady at work, for instance. She one time laughed weirdly, and people thought it was funny, and were like “Have you heard *so and so* laugh? It’s pretty funny.” And then she kept on doing it over and over, and now she pretends that it’s the way that she has always laughed. (Believe me, I would have heard it before if this is the way she has always laughed) And holy crap for crap, it’s annoying.
The same lady always comments on my clothes. Whenever she sees something she likes, she asks if I got it from Wal Mart. Wal Mart? Of all the godforsaken places in the world–Wal Mart?! I have serious issues with that company, and they mostly have to do with the fact that they are evil (oh, and they steal from small businesses, and they don’t have any ethics when it comes to fair trade, and they have an ugly logo. Oh, and they destroy people. And ruin the moral of small towns. And they are disgusting. But enough about that). If anyone out there is reading this (highly doubtful) and they happen to shop at Wal Mart, do the world a favor and never do it again. It’s the epitome of evil in our overweight, over-cheap, stuff-hoarding North American culture. I don’t think it’s evil to shop. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy shopping. It’s just evil to shop at Wal Mart. I just hope the world realizes that one day.
Thats my rant.


Jun 10 2007

Chocolate Cake….

I just had chocolate cake and vanilla gelato for supper, and a glass of white wine, and a half glass of red wine. It was lovely. Today was slightly dissapointing, because Dave was going to suprise me with upgrading my wedding ring to bigger diamonds. I love diamonds. I love bigger diamonds even more. When we bought my ring originally they made Dave think that it was an easy affordable process to upgrade. Well it’s not, and it’s a big scam. So sad. I wanted bigger diamonds. Oh well. Dave says maybe at Christmas time. Christmas time is a magical time of year, so I beleive him.
I also went looking for a light jacket to wear, since I’ve had the same jacket since grade 11. It’s getting kind of grungy looking. I can’t beleive I still own it. I’m embarrased when I see people from highschool and I’m wearing it. I’m sure they are thinking “Gosh…she still has that thing?” So I came home really discouraged, feeling like my whole wardrobe just looked cheap and mismatched, so I purged about 75% of it. Dave said “Now you wont feel so guity if you buy something new.” I think that’s a good attitude for a husband to have.
Do I sound materialistic today? Probably. I just really want to get a nice light semi casual jacket. Where can I find one?


Jun 9 2007

Dave made me do it…

I’m in shock that I am actually doing this. The absolute contrarian has a blog. It’s uncanny. Dave told me I should start journaling, however, I’ve forgotten how to use a pen. It’s a sad day for me. I’ve caved to the blogging world.

My day was pretty relaxed–I slept in, did the laundry, cleaned up a bit, searched facebook for a while. While I was cleaning, I was thinking about my career as a graphic artist. It’s interesting–everyone always tells me “You must love your work so much.” I’m telling you though, you can only love being a corporate graphic artist if you have no problems giving in to the man in the suit, and copying those which you wish you were.

Don’t be fooled. When you see my work at the company I’m at presently, don’t think that I really like what I’m coming up with. Because, in fact, it’s not me thats coming up with most of the stuff. Thats why the stuff sucks. I have two older men with no taste hovering over me half the time saying “…Maybe, if we put an outline around the text it would stand out really well.” *shudder*

I do this to pay the bills.

I feel like I’ve left behind the artist I was and become a corporate monkey. I can not do this for the rest of my life. I’m not being true to myself if I do. Corporate images and free company t-shirts just don’t really go well with my personality. Oh well, at least it will get me to Europe.