Dec 18 2008

It’s over! ….Umm…I mean…It’s halfway through!

I’ve got to be honest…I’m pretty amazed at how proficient of a blogger I am. I mean, daily–sometimes even twice a day I’m posting something new about school here in England. What? You mean, you haven’t seen any of those posts? Hmm…it must be because of the shoddy internet here.
So this is our last week at The Kings Lodge in our lecture phase. That feels very strange to type. Sunday we are leaving to go to London for a week, then we are back at the school for 12 days doing local outreach. After that, we are on our way to Bolivia!
Here’s a pictorial overview of the last three months, because…well…I’m just too lazy to write everything that has happened.

My birthday in London. We spent the day at the British Museum. It was really incredibly and overwhelming. I spent quite a bit of time in the Egyptian section, but then had to move on because everyone else wanted to see the rest. Then we went to Covent Garden, and later on spent the evening in Kensington. Had a grand time up until we missed our train back to Nuneaton and had to spend the night at the most disgusting hostel imaginable. I was really sick, and spent most of the night awake listening to snoring from one of the roommates. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. No other word.
Spent a weekend in York doing some outreach.
Wished we could have explored the city a whole lot more. It was very neat….we hope to go back sometime. York is known for still having it’s original walls around the city. It also has a beautiful cathedral that is world famous in the city center. The city itself is really beautiful, and has a lot of history. It was very cool that the downtown area is all just for walking.
The first evening we were there we got to wander around the city late at night handing our water bottles to people coming out of the pubs and night clubs. Dave & I got to chat with a bunch of teenagers who were high as a kite. It was funny/interesting….they seemed super impressed with what we were doing in the city…possibly a little confused, because they couldn’t understand anyone wanting to help drunk party-ers.
The next day we spent in Leeds, a city close by, doing gardening in some single-moms homes where their lawn and garden had been completely overrun. The lawn that we had was amazingly overgrown, and we ended up hacking down almost everything, just to give the lady a fresh start.
In early November we went to Stratford-upon-Avon. This house is the house that Shakespeare was born in. We wanted to go in to some of the museums, but they were quite pricey. It was cold and rainy outside, but still very interesting to see all the Tudor style houses and buildings. We also got to see the church that Shakespeare was baptized in and married in.
Was so close to getting tickets to see Patrick Stewart in Hamlet, but missed out.
So sad.
Winter here has been pretty much non-existent. The other day everything frosted over and it was very pretty. But overall, it’s just been cold and wet. Heating is very expensive here, so we end up wearing a lot of layers during class time, otherwise we will freeze our bums off!

Well…that sums it up. Kind of. Oh well….until next time…


Oct 2 2008

It’s only just begun.

I guess I have to fill in my throngs of loyal readers on the happenings of our trip thus far.
But quite honestly, I have just finished writing an email to be sent out this evening that has all those details in it. And I’m sure that you, Reader Extraordinaire, will receive that email. So I’m not going to reiterate what the email already says.
However–I will talk about some of the goings on here.
Friday: Arrival at the school. Orientation/Large Bonfire. Burned a whole tree.
Saturday: Trip to the ever-exciting Nuneaton on Market Day. Evening was games. Made bridges out of spaghetti & marshmallows. Played human foosball.
Sunday: Church. British football for two hours straight. The non-Brits didn’t know what hit ‘em.
Monday: First day of classes.
Tuesday: Classes. First day of small groups in the evenings. Played Pictionary.
Wednesday: Classes. Received our Work Duties. Dave is Kitchen Guru. I am Media Wonder-woman. Went to a British Pub down the road with a bunch of students and staff, and listened to a Ukulele band.
That brings us up to today…which was classes, and then work duties so far. I hope you have enjoyed my thrilling and heavily detailed depiction of our schooling so far.
Hopefully next blog I will be able to give you a more detailed version of our experience.
Ta ta for now!


Oct 1 2008


So…we are here.

At the moment I do not have much time to write about the happenings, as we are still orientating ourselves to the base.
So without further adieu, and for your viewing pleasure, I introduce to you:
Dave and Courteney, downtown London with a years worth of luggage strapped to their back and dragging behind them! Whoopie!


Sep 11 2008

Holy Cow.

We leave in 10 days.



Aug 8 2008

What…you don’t think he’s cute?

I drew this little guy for a birthday card the other day.  When the kid got the card, he looked up and said, “Ok…this card is creeping me out.”
What??  I thought that the monster was cute.  Obviously it’s a look only his creator could love.