Feb 18 2008

Get a move on…!

Has anyone tried to move a whole house one small carload at a time? It sucks. We’ve been trying to move a little bit more leisurely since the last time we moved it had to be done in one day….and it was just a big gong show. Now we have more time, so we are doing what we can, when we can. I feel like my house is in complete disarray though…ok, I don’t just fee like it–it is.

While I thought that moving a little slower would be a lot less stressful, it’s strangely unsatisfying. Now that a quarter of my stuff is in a different location, all I can think about is packing everything else up and getting it all there. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait till someone with a truck (namely, my father) comes and rescues us from our pathetic attempt at getting a move on.

Meanwhile, today was a beautiful day for February. I walked around outside barefoot for a while and it felt so lovely. Just after Dave left to teach drum lessons I ran outside and tried to capture the last little bit of the beautiful day. There wasn’t much sun left; the moon was out though. If I could only figure out how to capture the moon without it looking like a big orb in the sky, I’d show you how pleasing the sky looked tonight. But alas! I must wait till I can afford the big zoom lens…then maybe I’ll have more success.


Feb 17 2008

Have I ever mentioned….

…how great I think my cat is?

Today is a write-off. Church, and then moving. So I thought I’d just post some evidence to the fact that I’m a crazy cat lady. In case you didn’t know, my cats name is Bigsby. He’s 2 years old, flame point siamese, grossly obese and kind of cross eyed. He was rescued from a corn field, where his mother abandoned him along with two other kittens. When we first got him he was really snotty (nose & eye infection) and underfed. Not so anymore.
He hates anyone who isn’t me or Dave. But I still think he is precious….not many others do though. He has a lion that he carries around with him all the time. It’s really disgusting looking by now. Anyway…here’s a couple shots of my little Bigsby.


Feb 16 2008

Finding warmth on a cold day….

I realize that with the exception of the last post I did a couple days ago, that I haven’t done this for quite a while. An overview of the last few months would include: moving, directing a kids Christmas play (what?!) in-laws wedding, and currently, packing up to move again. Whoopee! So since I just remembered that I have this blog, I thought I’d write down a few things.

Winter months have begun to feel incredibly dreary. As I sit here with my latte and my feet strategically placed in a sun spot on the floor, I can’t help but be exceedingly eager for spring. Don’t get me wrong–I love winter…ok, actually I only love winter from November to December. After Christmas, I pretty much think winter is bunk. But I’m ready for spring. I’m tired of winter jackets, and boots, cold rain and dead trees. My second favorite time of year is when all the cherry blossoms come out. (My favorite is when all the trees turn red, orange and yellow–I’m such a sucker for fall) I also love when all the daffodils start blooming everywhere….lawns, the median on the highway, the side of the road. Relentless, those things are.

Well…I have a lot to do today. Laundry, pack books, figure out how to feed myself for lunch (Dave’s gone, and apparently drinking just lattes all day is not a nutritionally balanced diet)

And speaking of lattes, mine is cold now. Crap.


Feb 13 2008

How does one learn love?

When a father raises a child, what makes him more successful than others?

When he makes a child wait, does the child not learn patience?

What if the child does not know his fathers love? What if he goes to bed every night and says, “My Father does not care for my needs right away. He is too busy for me.”

When he tells the child two, three, or even four times to watch for those who will take advantage of him, will the child learn to be wise?

What if the child does not know his fathers love? What if he goes to bed every night and says, “My Father thinks I am stupid. He thinks I can not pick worthy friends.”

When he scolds the child, does the child stand corrected?

What if the child does not know his fathers love? What if he goes to bed every night and says “My Father does not think I can do anything right.”

When the father asks, “Child, will you take care of my business?” Does the child do so without question?

What if the child does not know his fathers love? What if he goes to bed every night and says, “My Father thinks I am his slave. Every day I toil for him and receive nothing in return.”

Because for a child who does not understand his fathers love, to wait only brings on frustration; to remind, only bitterness; to correct, only belittlement; and service is nothing more than bondage.

A child must learn first that his father loves him, above all else. He can not learn anything before, because it is impossible. Nothing can be given without expressing love first. Nothing can be received without understanding that love.