Finding warmth on a cold day….

I realize that with the exception of the last post I did a couple days ago, that I haven’t done this for quite a while. An overview of the last few months would include: moving, directing a kids Christmas play (what?!) in-laws wedding, and currently, packing up to move again. Whoopee! So since I just remembered that I have this blog, I thought I’d write down a few things.

Winter months have begun to feel incredibly dreary. As I sit here with my latte and my feet strategically placed in a sun spot on the floor, I can’t help but be exceedingly eager for spring. Don’t get me wrong–I love winter…ok, actually I only love winter from November to December. After Christmas, I pretty much think winter is bunk. But I’m ready for spring. I’m tired of winter jackets, and boots, cold rain and dead trees. My second favorite time of year is when all the cherry blossoms come out. (My favorite is when all the trees turn red, orange and yellow–I’m such a sucker for fall) I also love when all the daffodils start blooming everywhere….lawns, the median on the highway, the side of the road. Relentless, those things are.

Well…I have a lot to do today. Laundry, pack books, figure out how to feed myself for lunch (Dave’s gone, and apparently drinking just lattes all day is not a nutritionally balanced diet)

And speaking of lattes, mine is cold now. Crap.

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