Get a move on…!

Has anyone tried to move a whole house one small carload at a time? It sucks. We’ve been trying to move a little bit more leisurely since the last time we moved it had to be done in one day….and it was just a big gong show. Now we have more time, so we are doing what we can, when we can. I feel like my house is in complete disarray though…ok, I don’t just fee like it–it is.

While I thought that moving a little slower would be a lot less stressful, it’s strangely unsatisfying. Now that a quarter of my stuff is in a different location, all I can think about is packing everything else up and getting it all there. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait till someone with a truck (namely, my father) comes and rescues us from our pathetic attempt at getting a move on.

Meanwhile, today was a beautiful day for February. I walked around outside barefoot for a while and it felt so lovely. Just after Dave left to teach drum lessons I ran outside and tried to capture the last little bit of the beautiful day. There wasn’t much sun left; the moon was out though. If I could only figure out how to capture the moon without it looking like a big orb in the sky, I’d show you how pleasing the sky looked tonight. But alas! I must wait till I can afford the big zoom lens…then maybe I’ll have more success.

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