Have I ever mentioned….

…how great I think my cat is?

Today is a write-off. Church, and then moving. So I thought I’d just post some evidence to the fact that I’m a crazy cat lady. In case you didn’t know, my cats name is Bigsby. He’s 2 years old, flame point siamese, grossly obese and kind of cross eyed. He was rescued from a corn field, where his mother abandoned him along with two other kittens. When we first got him he was really snotty (nose & eye infection) and underfed. Not so anymore.
He hates anyone who isn’t me or Dave. But I still think he is precious….not many others do though. He has a lion that he carries around with him all the time. It’s really disgusting looking by now. Anyway…here’s a couple shots of my little Bigsby.

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