Markus, the Babinator

This week I got to take care of Markus out in Vancouver during the day.
–And might I say, he is the cutest baby in the world. He is just learning how to walk, or maybe I should say, he is just deciding to walk. He has been able to walk since September,

but he chooses not to. Now I guess people aren’t picking him up as much as he likes. He is also starting to talk more, and I’ve tried teaching him words…without much success. I thought It’d be great to teach him how to say “Crazy!” But he just can’t quite pronounce it. But he learned how to say “Poo”….Okay, so it was after Winnie the Pooh his teddy bear…but he sure liked to repeat it.
Poo Poo Poo….

On another note, I finally got to go to the T shop on Broadway and replenish my stash of rooibos. Not that anyone cares. But it sure made my week.
And it was a grand week.

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