Apr 21 2008

Cats are funny. Funny, "Ha Ha."

I’m sick. And I haven’t posted for a while. But I just got a new camera and have started using a real flash–and I thought I’d post a picture I just took of Bigsby. If he could talk, I bet he’d tell me to take this picture off of the internet (and I imagine he’d use a few expletives). But he can’t. And thus, the photo.

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Apr 4 2008

"Environmentally Sound, with Style"

Friday, April 24th, Vancouver Sun–My brother and his wife were featured in the “At Home” section for the house they recently renovated in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmentally sound, with style
Doing less sometimes means doing more for Mother Earth
John Mackie, Vancouver Sun

Everybody wants to do their bit for the environment these days, but it can be a bit daunting if you’re renovating. It’d be great to install solar panels on the roof, put in geo-thermal heating and dump your old energy-gobbling appliances for spiffy new eco-friendly models, but it’s darned expensive.
Still, renovating in an environmentally friendly manner doesn’t necessarily mean you have to install a waste-water recycling system or replace all those beautiful old wooden windows with double-paned jobs. There are all sorts of smaller choices that can add up to a big environmental impact… (read more)


Apr 3 2008

meet rockford.

The newest addition. Rockford Bernstein is our exploring sock-monkey extraordinaire. Completely handcrafted by yours truly (right down to the aussie style hat) we plan on using Rockford as a tool to creatively tell the story of our travels in Europe & the Middle East. He has his own blog here: All Around the World (with Rockford Bernstein) and once we are out there we will be able to get a podcast up and running.
We plan on doing a couple of episodes/blogs with Rockford out on BC though before we leave, so we welcome any suggestions. So far he has gone Sasquatch hunting in Harrison (although the blog hasn’t been posted yet).

By the way–it’s five months till we leave. I’m beyond ecstatic.


Apr 2 2008


Went to Harrison the other day.  Saw some geese.
I love shooting birds in flight–erm–with a camera that is. ¬†Hopefully with the new camera I’m getting in the next couple of weeks it’ll be a little quicker on the draw, so I will get more shots to choose from.