meet rockford.

The newest addition. Rockford Bernstein is our exploring sock-monkey extraordinaire. Completely handcrafted by yours truly (right down to the aussie style hat) we plan on using Rockford as a tool to creatively tell the story of our travels in Europe & the Middle East. He has his own blog here: All Around the World (with Rockford Bernstein) and once we are out there we will be able to get a podcast up and running.
We plan on doing a couple of episodes/blogs with Rockford out on BC though before we leave, so we welcome any suggestions. So far he has gone Sasquatch hunting in Harrison (although the blog hasn’t been posted yet).

By the way–it’s five months till we leave. I’m beyond ecstatic.

3 Responses to “meet rockford.”

  • Plotter Says:

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  • Blog Girl Says:

    I love Rockford already…The first thing I thought when I saw Rockford and his blog is that you have too much time on your hands, my dear, but then I started reading and strangely enough, I am looking forward to hearing about all of Rockford’s adventures. :)

  • Jennie Says:

    Sorry about that…That was me (blog girl). I was signed into my another account.

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