Jul 23 2008

It’s been a while…!

I haven’t updated my blog forever and a day, since we have been so busy preparing for our trip. Every evening seems to be spent doing graphic design work that some clients have left till now to get done. Every day off we seem to be spending way to much money on things for our trip. Backpacks. Shoes. European power converters. And there’s a long list of things that we have yet to buy. Will we make it? There’s 56 days left till we leave. 36 days left till I’m off of work (which means 26 work days)

Here’s an overview of the last couple months:
- Our church is merging with another church. If my husband wasn’t the pastor, this probably wouldn’t have affected me as much, but since he is, it’s been months of meetings, meetings meetings. A couple of weeks ago everyone finally voted in favor of merging.
- Which brings me to the next thing…the church family story book. I’ve been doing photos for it, and will be putting together a book (aside from the photocopied book that the church is handing out) that will be purchasable on blurb.com. I have been taking pictures of events for the last couple of months, and also doing family portraits. When we leave at the end of August, I will be giving them a copy of it and it will be something that the congregation will be able to buy. I just finished doing family portraits this week, so I’ll be starting the book soon.
- On a completely different note, Bigsby has been put on anti-anxiety medication, which is to be administered twice a day….something that is a whole lot more difficult than it sounds. Seriously, have you tried giving a cat a syringe of medication two times a day? It’s because he’s been marking his territory (peeing) everywhere in the house because of my parents cat. I’m not a huge fan of the idea of medicating my cat, but it’s supposed to stop the peeing. BUT–it hasn’t. Not fun. Anyone want a cat for a year? He won’t have this problem if he was just a single cat. But alas….
- I just finished doing my final web job, which is a relief. Now I have one book cover to do for a poetry book, the book cover and layout for the church book, and an album cover/sleeve. All these things I agreed to quite a while ago….and all these things have only come into fruition in the last month. Of course it all has to happen when there is so little time before we leave.
- Summer is always so full of weddings/family reunions/family vacations. This summer is no exception. I’ve already missed two weddings and will be missing one family vacation because I need to work as much as possible before we leave.
-Which brings me to the next thing: I think I have a kidney stone. That’s the only reason I’m able to write this blog today because I stayed home from work today after experiencing intense abdomen/lower back pain. I hate not being able to go to work because no one at my work really seems to understand the whole “I’m sick and can’t come to work today” thing. When I called in this morning, after saying “I think I might go to emergency if this gets worse” the response was: “So you’ll be gone the whole day??” (said exasperatingly, as if she couldn’t believe I would stay home sick from the glorious job of watering plants and selling pesticides) This, however, coming from a 76 year old lady who, even after having such pain in her leg that she can’t even walk, still comes to work. She just makes sure she has a chair present at all times. All that said, even if it isn’t a kidney stone, I really needed a day off to sit and do nothing. Albeit sitting and doing nothing because I’m writhing in pain, but nothing, nonetheless.
- Poor Rockford hasn’t been able to go on an adventure in a long time. I feel guilty, and people keep asking me why I haven’t updated the blog. If only I had time. Give it another 60 days or so. It’ll be updated then.
- My allergies have been super bad. It makes it really hard to do all these things when you are either A) hopped up on antihistamines OR B) waiting to be hopped up on antihistamines because you can only take them a certain number of times in the day.
- Dave and I are trying to plan a fundraiser concert for ourselves. Is that politically incorrect to plan something like that for yourself? I don’t know. But we are. It’s called “Bluegrass on the Green Grass” August 17 at 6:00pm with a BBQ dinner. Be there or be square.
- And finally, Dave and I finally made the appointment to get our tattoos. August 19 at 12:00. I’m stoked. I designed both of the tattoos for me and Dave. They both say the same thing, but mine is a whole lot more girly looking than Dave’s.
I think that’s about it! With all that going on, my laundry and organizational state of my place has been seriously compromised. I hope I’m feeling a little better this afternoon to get up off my butt and fold some things. We’ll see.
Until next time! (and hopefully it’s not two more months till next time)