It’s only just begun.

I guess I have to fill in my throngs of loyal readers on the happenings of our trip thus far.
But quite honestly, I have just finished writing an email to be sent out this evening that has all those details in it. And I’m sure that you, Reader Extraordinaire, will receive that email. So I’m not going to reiterate what the email already says.
However–I will talk about some of the goings on here.
Friday: Arrival at the school. Orientation/Large Bonfire. Burned a whole tree.
Saturday: Trip to the ever-exciting Nuneaton on Market Day. Evening was games. Made bridges out of spaghetti & marshmallows. Played human foosball.
Sunday: Church. British football for two hours straight. The non-Brits didn’t know what hit ‘em.
Monday: First day of classes.
Tuesday: Classes. First day of small groups in the evenings. Played Pictionary.
Wednesday: Classes. Received our Work Duties. Dave is Kitchen Guru. I am Media Wonder-woman. Went to a British Pub down the road with a bunch of students and staff, and listened to a Ukulele band.
That brings us up to today…which was classes, and then work duties so far. I hope you have enjoyed my thrilling and heavily detailed depiction of our schooling so far.
Hopefully next blog I will be able to give you a more detailed version of our experience.
Ta ta for now!

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