Dec 22 2009

His baby done left him…

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the living room when I noticed Bigsby (my cat) pawing at the window.  At first I thought he just saw his reflection or something, but when I came closer I noticed a big grey cat on the other end, pawing back.  They both sat there for about 10 minutes, pawing at each other and when the grey cat left, Bigsby stayed at the window the entire night and stared out.  Every day since then, he spends a good portion of the day staring out that window.  This morning, I saw him running (if you’ve seen my cat, you’ll know he’s not the active sporty kind of cat) back and forth between the living room windows and the kitchen windows frantically.  I looked out, and there was his friend, slowly sauntering past the windows.  Didn’t even stop–just teased poor Bigsby.  I couldn’t help but think how cute/pathetic it was that Bigsby seemed so desperate and curious for a cat friend.  At least that’s what I like to think (someone tried to convince me that they were just trying to attack each other through the window).
Poor Bigsby…


Nov 26 2009

Oh, rain.


Nov 11 2009

Maybe it’s just me…

…But I can’t actually understand why so many Americans are so opposed to Universal Healthcare.
Can someone please explain to me why implementing a universal healthcare program takes away the freedom of Americans?
I’ve heard the argument that says “With universal healthcare, Americans won’t be able to choose what kind of coverage they want.”
But with their current healthcare program, there are many (many many) people who can’t choose what kind of healthcare program they want already.  Because they can’t afford it.  So are republicans saying that those people don’t really matter?  Do they realize that there are poor people in their country?  Or do they choose to believe that if you live in America, there is no reason that you should be poor?
This is very upsetting to me.
I’ve heard some Americans argue that those who say they can’t afford healthcare probably don’t have their priorities straight.
Let me illustrate something for you though.  Recently I had to take Dave to Emergency.  The situation looked pretty serious to us.  In the end, thankfully, it was not and all was well.  It got me thinking though–what if Dave & I were Americans?  Now, I like to think that Dave and I have our priorities sorted pretty well for a young couple with a very small budget.  No cable, no TV.  We make most of our food from scratch (bread, pasta sauces, soups, etc…it’s much cheaper that way).  If we need something, we always look in the thrift store first.  But I  know that we would not be able to afford a healthcare program if we were in America.  We value health as a priority, but a having a roof over our head and food in our stomach are the only priorities we can fill.  I also think it would be safe to say that Dave & I are hard workers.  We both have jobs.  We both have small businesses that we run in the evenings and on the weekends.
So can you see why I get so very offended when I hear that “If you can’t afford healthcare  you probably don’t have your priorities straight.”?
I’m not even American and I find this upsetting.

…This wasn’t supposed to be a very long blog.

One last point:  If socialized healthcare is so bad, then why is socialized education alright?  Why don’t they just scrap all the public schools and say: “If you value education, you will send you child to a private school.”

In the end, all I can really say is despite the hiccups that occur in universal healthcare in Canada, I see no other way of doing healthcare.
To quote Viggo Mortensen, “I won’t consider this country civilized until there is universal health care.”  Well said, buddy.  Too bad nobody actually cares about the intelligent things celebrities say.

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Nov 5 2009

…A snowflakes chance in BC…

I’m with ya, Calvin.

I’m pretty much a fall/winter sort of person.  Don’t get me wrong–I can enjoy summer like the rest, but crisp cold air and stormy weather makes me a lot happier.  I feel a little bit like I missed winter last year.  It’s just my luck that the first time it snows on Christmas Day in donkeys ears, I’m far away in England.  Where it rained.  Then from January to August, Dave and I had 8 months almost solid of summer weather.
Needless to say, I’ve been anticipating this fall/winter season quite a bit.  Extended summer seasons are nice–but lets face it, seasons are way better. :)
I’ve been watching the snow line on the mountains slowly descend.  I can’t wait for some snowy weather.

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Oct 24 2009


“I have a cunning plan.”
Baldrick, Blackadder
Yes, cunning indeed.
So the above picture may not seem like it’s groundbreaking to you, but to me, it was quite the accomplishment.
Here’s my predicament:
As a new photographer, I’m constantly hearing “get your flash off your camera!”  And I’m continually seeing examples of how taking your flash off of your camera can give you a lot of potential creative lighting to work with.  But here’s the kicker:  There’s this little doo-dad thingy to mount your flash to a tripod.  And I don’t want to complain, but seriously, this little hunk of plastic is $30.  Thirty dollars!!! For something that cost 10 cents to manufacture!!!  (**side note**  I have a bit of an aversion to camera gear and it being so ridiculously overpriced.  I wanted a flash diffuser, and it was selling for $70.  I sewed one myself out of some leftover material and it works just as well.) Despite all that, I still need it if I want to experiment with lighting and all that jazz.  I’ve continually tried convincing Dave to let me buy it, but he continually says “Later.”
This evening I had an epiphany.  I have this old camera that I don’t use anymore.  It attaches to a tripod.  And my flash attaches to the camera.  Shazaam!  I’ve mounted my flash.
So I trudged on out to the yard (in the pitch dark) in my pajamas, winter boots and a towel on my head (I had just come out of the shower) with my camera gear in tow and set up to test my theory (when I get an idea in my head, I can’t wait for things like hair to dry)  And there I was, lying in the dirt, wet hair, pj’s, and a camera taking pictures of a tree like it was a model,  and giggling profusely because it worked like a charm. The above photograph is my result.  Again, nothing new, but certainly an exciting day of learning for me.  Now that I can practice utilizing this technique, I can justify buying that little doo-dad.*MONDAY OCT. 26 UPDATE*
I’ve got the little doo-dad!!!  I’ve got this big bag of random camera accessories (most of them obsolete) from my father-in-law.  I mentioned my plight to him, and he said that there might be one in the bag…which there was!  I was so stoked.  $30 saved!  Huzzah!