Last view from the window…

Shall I be poetic & deep?
The sun has set beautifully on our last day at The Kings Lodge.
What a powerful metaphor to use for the our TKL finale.
….*shudder* I feel lame.
Today was the last day in our little room and I must admit, it was quite lazy. Got up at 10:30 and putted around till about 2:00…We did some casual cleaning, and now the evening is free. Lately our group has been addicted to the game “Apples to Apples” It’s amazing. I think we might do that tonight.
The photo above is of the sunset today. In every place that we have stayed in England, Dave has done a picture called “View from the Window” I did this one today as our last view from Room 5, Second Floor at The Kings Lodge.

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