the Bolivia Bunch

Here’s a story, of a school named YWAM…

…No…I won’t go there.
On January 7th, we will be gone for two months to Bolivia.  Chances are, I will not be able to post a whole lot while I am there.  I’m guessing if I do, it will not have any pictures on it, as I will be using someone else’s computer for the most part.  But aren’t you lucky–after that I will have all the time in the world to blog!  So good!
For those of you who don’t know, we will be working in boys & girls homes for street teens.  We will also be going into the Amazon to do some well digging.  But past that–it’s a mystery!
So don’t expect many updates from me till after mid March. 
Until then, you stay classy, internet dwellers.
(above photo: Bolivia Team, left to right: Dave, Courteney, Megan, Anna, Taryn, Margaret, Sarah, Abbey, Matt)

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