The calm before the storm…

 This last weekend was pretty rough.
I mean, sand dunes, swimming pools…man oh man.
Friday we spent most of the day checking out some of the downtown area of Santa Cruz. The city so far doesn’t seem to have a big city vibe, despite it being the largest city in Bolivia. It’s rare to see an area that isn’t covered in garbage–it’s very sad. The landscape–sans garbage–is quite beautiful. It’s quite diverse. Some areas are lush, and tropical looking, some areas are scrub land, and some areas are desert–complete with sand dunes. When we stopped in La Paz on the plane ride over, we noticed that it was quite mountainous.

The city of Santa Cruz looks like it’s in constant construction. I’m not sure if this is normal for the city, or if it’s because of the new government that has recently come into place.
Saturday we went to the sand dunes that are just outside of Santa Cruz. I don’t know if I could really describe it in words. Only pictures will do.


The next day we went to church at an international church in Bolivia, and then spent the afternoon at Andy’s house (our host, and the brother of Matt from DTS) We celebrated his daughter, Phoebe’s first birthday, swam in the pool and got way too much sun. :) Today, (Monday) we visited the Boys & Girls homes where we will be working (though we will probably be primarily at the boys home) I am excited to start working! Hopefully I’ll be able to teach some art with the kids, which will be a lot of fun.

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