El Camino Boys Home

For the past three weeks our team has been working in a boys home about an hour outside the city center of Santa Cruz. A lot of the boys are street kids, or come from rough families. When we first got there, only one out of the nine of us spoke conversational Spanish. That was definitely a huge obstacle–but the boys have been really gracious with us and so far most of us have been able to learn and communicate pretty well with them. Dave has been picking up Spanish really fast, so it’s quite helpful to me ;) Going into town isn’t quite as stressful when your husband knows how to communicate with the locals.

Our work at the boys home has been about half practical labor, and half social. We spend our mornings doing projects with the staff–building a chicken coup, renovating staff quarters, fixing screens, planting trees, etc. In the afternoon, we are able to spend time with the boys in the home, and play games with them, or chat…
I have started doing some art lessons with the kids which was interesting/fun. Trying to teach something with a translator is not the easiest. :) Trying to affirm the boys in their work with the few phrases I know (“Me gusta! Muy bien!”) is probably harder. I usually end up smiling awkwardly and giving the thumbs up.
Dave has been working hard at learning Spanish worship songs with a couple of the boys who are musicians. Maybe if you ask nice he’ll perform some when we get back to Canada. ;)
Well, that’s all for now! I’ve got to head to bed, as we are getting up early to make our way to the jungle for a week to dig a well.

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