We made it through the wilderness, somehow we made it through.

One week digging a well in the Amazon Jungle.

Well, the hardest bit of Bolivia is finished. One week in the wilderness of the Amazon jungle is over. No more lack of toilets. No more swarms of mosquitos.
As you can see from my lovely attire, I was fully decked out in the latest jungle gear. Knee high socks, pants with no front or back, jungle hat complete with mosquito net dyed to the perfect shade of pale yellow. And the sandals. Oh, the sandals. They were the pièce de résistance. Rubber knock-off Chacos, bought for 7 dollars at the market. They served me well…
…if serving me well meant ripping my feet apart…then yes, they served me well…
But, there is a silver lining in this dark cloud of whining! We dug a well for the Yuracare tribe in record time, and they now have clean drinking water.
Normally it takes three days to dig a well. Often times you hit a rocky layer and it will take two hours just to go down a meter. But alas! We had no such trouble, and dug 43.5 meters in a day and a half.

The Yuracare tribe was amazing. They were very industrious, and clean.
The had an extremely high standard of living, which was very cool to see–considering they live in the middle of freaking nowhere. Earlier in the week we had stopped in to see the Yuqui tribe, and they were the polar opposite. Junk piled high everywhere. Old toys, clothes, and garbage scattered around the village. Houses that had been built for them were ripped apart and u
sed for firewood. I can’t say it was the most pleasant experience I’ve had in Bolivia visiting the Yuqui.
Thankfully it all went smooth, and we were out of the jungle a day earlier than we expected. Aside from the bounty of mosquito bites we brought back, no one was hurt or sick.
A jorb well done. :)

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