Road trippin’ (Let’s go get lost, somewhere in the UK)

This week Dave & I, and Taryn and Matt (two other people from the Kings Lodge) headed out on a little tour of the South coast of England. It was meant to be a road trip….

….but as soon as we got to Swanage and saw the flat that was being lent to us, well, we stayed put.We did get to do a little bit of road-trippin’, although minimal.
Sunday evening we arrived in Reading, where Matt lives. We stayed the night at his house, and then left early the next morning.
Our first stop was Stonehenge, where we did a little audio guided tour of the famous monument. I’d like to say more about it–I really would–but to be honest, it’s exactly what it looks like. Not that it’s not cool. I was stoked out of my brains to see Stonehenge. But anything I could tell you now about Stonehenge would be something you already know anyway. So lets move on to our next stop.
After Stonehenge, it was a quick jaunt to Salisbury to see the cathedral. It was probably my favorite cathedral of England so far. The grounds are amazing and huge. It was a beautiful and warm day (in England!) so we just hung out, laying on the grass on the grounds eating lunch (and Dave smoked his new pipe). *Interesting Fact* Salisbury Cathedral houses one of the first copies of the Magna Carta. It was very cool to see.
Next stop was Corfe Castle. This was close to where we were staying in Swanage (about a 20 minute drive). Corfe was built in the 1100′s, and was an important fortress in it’s early history. Later it became a popular “hunting lodge” for kings. It later went under siege during the English civil war in the 1600′s, where it has been in ruins since. We really enjoyed seeing this castle. With the castle in ruins, it’s more like visiting a park, with the most amazingly elaborate grounds. We spent a good portion of the day there just relaxing on the grass.
*side note* Later in the day I found a friendly cat, which made the day pretty much perfect.
The rest of the week was spent in Swanage (which has a serious lack of Swans–strange) It’s right on the Jurassic coast of England. There are loads of chalk cliffs around, and we did some walks along them, which was quite beautiful, but a little scary at times! A couple times I wanted to get some closer shots of the rock, but couldn’t bring myself to get that close to the edge. Eek.
The week closed with Sunday roast back in Reading with Matt’s family, and then bidding farewell to our friends at The Kings Lodge!
On to our next journey soon!

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