May 1 2009

Angels on the Ferry

We arrived late last night (about 11:00) at our hotel. The ferry ride was super busy, because it’s a long weekend in Greece. We met a father & daughter while on the ferry and we watched their stuff for them while they ate dinner. We ended up spending the whole ferry ride with them and found out that they were going to Crete for a family wedding, of which the father was to be the photographer (he later told me he owned 5 Hasselblads, but never uses them anymore…I wanted to suggest that he donates them to someone who would use them. :) ) As the ferry arrived in Crete, they offered to drive us to our hotel. It was amazing, because it would have cost us about 25 euros to get a taxi to our hotel and the port was hectic, so just finding a taxi would have been a headache. So we all crammed into their SUV (which was filled with camera equipment), and headed off. They told us that there is a saying in Greece that says, “All good people will fit somewhere.”
Unfortunately, we never even found out their names…whoever they were, we are very thankful…. :)