Comforts of Home…?

Last Friday marked our two weeks home in Canada. I have been completely euphoric to see mountains, sleep in my own bed, and do my own laundry. Home is nice.
Although, coming home after a trip such as ours poses a few issues. Right now it’s 1:00am, and I haven’t been able to sleep since all these things are rattling through my brain. I feel as though I need to catalog them.
Issue #1:
It’s obvious. When you come back after a 10 month trip, you are generally not going to have a job to come to. Dave hasn’t had too much of a problem with this–although his particular work is just taking time to process. Me on the other hand…well, maybe I’m just being too picky.
Issue #2:
Right now we are living in my parents abode. While that is all fine and dandy for us for the mean time, I’m pretty sure our cat Bigsby has worn out his welcome. We are also planning out moving from Abbotsford to Vancouver since that is where Dave’s work is taking him. This also changes how I am job hunting.
Issue #3:
I plan on applying to go to Emily Carr Art University for next fall to study photography. I so desire to go to school, and I’ve finally picked something I feel worthy of studying! But I’m also paranoid that my application will be rejected. This has kept me from applying at any school in the last 6 years that I have been out of high school. The application process just looks scarier and scarier. It involves a portfolio of personal art studies.
Issue #4:
Starting immediately, I will be harassing family members and friends to do free portraits/family shots so I can start advertising my photography and get paid for something.
Issue #5:
A million side projects that I’ve been planning on doing but haven’t gotten to, but have promised people…
Ummm…yeah, so I tend to get these ideas, and then get all excited about them and how cool they are, and then…and then…
….And then I get another idea that takes over…on goes the cycle.
Some of these include:
- A book of photos for the DTS class
- A children’s book I am writing that is half finished…
- A knitted blanked
- A special movie for Taryn (since we left TKL early and didn’t see her)
- And on…and on…
So as you can see…we are pretty busy! Not to mention all the catching up with social groups that we have to do. If I seem distracted–I probably am thinking of one of the above. :)
Or I’m just coming up with a new idea for a project.

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