Sep 29 2009

Finding warmth on a cold day–Revisited ;)

Bigsby has found a friend in Gloria “The Chair”, and on a chilly, blustery fall day like today I can see why he would want to just simply curl up an snooze away the afternoon with Gloria.


Sep 25 2009

Make it so.

My little project for the past few months has been developing a portfolio for myself so that I can start working as a photographer professionally.

Many of you know that I have a desire to go to school eventually (next year?) but in the meantime, this is what I will be working on when I can.
My hope is also to put together a book of some of my favorite shots from our travels all over the world over the last year.
If you are interested in letting me practice on you, then by all means–contact me! I’d love to have as much practice as I can.


Sep 25 2009

Death of a Legend.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the above quote applies to English Ivy.

Our new place has a lovely porch out front. It has two lovely maple trees that are situated in front of the porch. However, the porch has been eaten by the English Ivy Monster. It’s been about 20 years in the making. It’s pretty extensive. In the siding of the house…heck, it was in the kitchen when we first moved in. So we made the decision to get rid of it.
It’s taken about two weeks, and we’re just now starting to see the end of it (though I’m sure that we’ll have to start fighting it again in spring!) Our plan is to put some black tarps over the area over winter to kill any of the roots that are left over.
But I must say, I have grown to detest this vile plant quite profusely. Whoever planted this stuff 20 years ago…
If I had one piece of advice to offer after all of this: Don’t plant ivy. You think it’s an easy garden? Hah. Wait till it eats your house. It’ll eat your plants. It will cover your lawn. Once you plant Ivy, you better be prepared to pull out the big guns if you ever change your mind.
Here’s what Wiki says about this “charming english ivy”
“Hedera helix is considered an invasive species in a number of areas to which it has been introduced, such as Australia and the United States. Like other invasive vines, such as kudzu, it can grow to choke out other plants and create “ivy deserts”. State and county sponsored efforts are encouraging the destruction of ivy in forests of the Pacific Northwest and the Southern United States. Its sale or import is banned in Oregon. It is considered a noxious weed across southern, particularly south-eastern, Australia and local councils provide free information and limited services for removal. In some councils it is illegal to sell the plant. Ivy can easily escape from cultivated gardens and invade nearby parks, forests and other natural areas. Ivy can climb into the canopy of trees in such density that the trees fall over from the weight, a problem which does not normally occur in its native range. In its mature form, dense ivy can destroy habitat for native wildlife and creates large sections of solid ivy where no other plants can develop.”

See that??? It can even invade nearby parks. Not even your children are safe from it. ;)

Don’t ever plant this stuff! It’s awful!


Sep 19 2009

"My name is Gloria. Short for Glorious."

So we have this chair.

I named her Gloria.
There’s a funny story behind this chair. When Dave & I were first married, Dave’s best friends Mom said she was redoing a chair for us as a wedding gift. “Great!” We said. “We’re excited to see it.”
We got married and she said, “The Chair is coming.

And we said, “Cool. Can’t wait.”
Months passed, and every now and then we’d see her and she’d say, “The Chair is coming.”
And we’d say, “Okay.”
Years passed. We went to Europe. Forgot all about The Chair. Upon our arrival back in Canada, we ran in to her and she said (rather excitedly) “The Chair! It’s done!”
And we scratched our heads for a moment and said, “The Chair?”
“Yes! I’ll drop it off at your grandparents for you to pick up whenever you want.” She pushed a bottle of paint towards us. “Here is a touch up kit. It’s black. Black & Gold.” And with that, she left.
Black and Gold?
I pondered this for a while. In my mind, I saw a chair. It was what they called “gold” in the 70′s, yes. But today, I think we would refer to it as “orange”.
I brought up the chair to many people.
“Black & Gold is very in this season.” They’d say and point to a Home Decor Magazine featuring it. “I’m sure it’s probably a light satiny gold material like this.”
Yes. This can work.
I started planning my whole bedroom around the enigmatic chair (which, up until this point I hadn’t seen). It would be black, white & gold. French Provincial, if you will. I made plans. It would be glorious.
Then we went to pick up the chair.
Let me tell you, it was glorious. Black and Gold? Yes. In full 1970′s velvety glory. Yes. Yes. Yes. There was no pale satiny gold here.
After spending many hours deliberating, I have decided to say “Up Yours!” To the home decor magazines that say my chair isn’t fashionable. She has seen many a classy dinner party featuring big hair, shoulder pads, and polyester. She was around when smoking was totally en vogue, and she loves sinking her feet into a plush shag carpet.
Yes, her name is Gloria.
Short for Glorious.

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Sep 12 2009


Finally, after almost two years of being in either our parents house, a dorm, or in a hostel–Dave and I are back on our own! Wow! It’s like we’re grown-ups or something!

We’ve moved into a little house on one of my parents farms that Dave is working at. It took a while to fix up (previous tenants smoked inside/were major slobs) But we are now officially in our house!
Right now I am still unemployed/working on photography (self-employed?) And learning how to cook (much to Dave’s: (a) Chagrin (b) Delight (c) Distress?)
It’s been very nice unpacking all of our stuff that was in storage for the last two years. It almost felt like Christmas! Except…everything was used, and it was all very practical stuff like kitchen utensils and dishes.
To the left is a photo of my parents cat who became very attached to me in the last two months at my parents house. She jumped in one of my boxes while I was packing, as if to say “Don’t forget me!” Although I’m pretty sure she’d soon want to go back to my parents house when she found out that the big fat white cat that has been living with her went with us.
I’ll post more pictures of the house soon!