Finally, after almost two years of being in either our parents house, a dorm, or in a hostel–Dave and I are back on our own! Wow! It’s like we’re grown-ups or something!

We’ve moved into a little house on one of my parents farms that Dave is working at. It took a while to fix up (previous tenants smoked inside/were major slobs) But we are now officially in our house!
Right now I am still unemployed/working on photography (self-employed?) And learning how to cook (much to Dave’s: (a) Chagrin (b) Delight (c) Distress?)
It’s been very nice unpacking all of our stuff that was in storage for the last two years. It almost felt like Christmas! Except…everything was used, and it was all very practical stuff like kitchen utensils and dishes.
To the left is a photo of my parents cat who became very attached to me in the last two months at my parents house. She jumped in one of my boxes while I was packing, as if to say “Don’t forget me!” Although I’m pretty sure she’d soon want to go back to my parents house when she found out that the big fat white cat that has been living with her went with us.
I’ll post more pictures of the house soon!

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