"A Million Things That Bug Me"

1. Soggy Bread
2. Nail Chewing
3. Tailgating
4. Mushy Bananas
5. Cockroaches
6. Dirty Public Washrooms
7. Late-Comers
8. Dirty Kitchen Floors
9. Ivy
10. Dry hands

Not quite a million.  I’m trying not to fall under the category of “excessively negative people”.
I’ve been reading the complete works of Calvin & Hobbes lately (my second time through).  I grew up reading it religiously, and had almost all of the books.  A few years ago I gave them all away to my nephew, and later received the complete works for Christmas.  It’s definitely my comfort reading.  The more I read it, the more I’m totally convinced it’s one of the best comics ever written.
So here’s to you, Calvin & Hobbes.  Oh, to be forever 6 years old…

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