i c u.

So I had promised that my next post wouldn’t be about food.  So here it is.
Dave and I decided to take advantage of the lovely leaves on our front lawn before he mulched them up. :(  So here’s our little family portrait for 2009.  It’s always nice having a remote control for a camera so you don’t have to use the timer and run. :)
On a side note…I recently put a hit counter on my blog, and I’ve discovered something interesting.  People are reading it.  You’re reading it.  In fact, so many people have come to my blog, that the hit counter has hit it’s max in just one week, and I had to get another one that was unlimited.
So why aren’t you commenting?
I’d love to hear back.  It makes me write more.
PS I can’t guarantee that this “no blogs about food thing” will last long.

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