In the depths of The Ivy’s Digestive System

So the ivy is gone. In removing it, we found a few things it has eaten in it’s 20 year life span. Including:

- A Rubber Ducky (Pictured Above)

- About 30 Kokanee Beer Cans. Clearly The Ivy had a few parties in its life. I guess Ivy also ate the can when it was finished.

- 15-ish Miller Lite Beer Bottles. The Ivy never was one to discriminate. It accepted all manners of cheap beer.

- A few Christmas Lights here and there. During the Christmas Season, The Ivy’s favorite treat was Christmas Lights. The red ones especially.

- Garden Shears. Evidence of a previous unsuccessful murder attempt of The Ivy.

- A couple of coke cans. Hey, The Ivy was just like me and you, ok? It liked it’s soda as much as the next guy. Only, it ate the can afterwards.

- Some Dishes. The Ivy ate like a civilized being. Even if it didn’t act like one.

- Cat food tins. The Ivy was generous to feed the cats that lived under the porch. Or maybe it was just fattening them up for dinner.
- A cookie tin filled with Sidewalk Chalk. I guess it thought it was filled with Cookies.

- A Shoe. We’re still anticipating finding a leg of the previous owner that went with the shoe. I wouldn’t doubt that’s how the Ivy got the shoe. Maybe that’s why they wanted to sell this place. I mean, if an Ivy monster had eaten my leg…I’d leave too. Fortunately, this Ivy was no match for us. We fought it down to nothing, and now it’s gone! Roddas: 1, The Ivy: 0 !!!

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