The Bread of Life.

So here it is.  My masterpiece of bread that I’ve been working on perfecting for the last month.  I’ve finally figured out a sourdough recipe that works out just peachy.  I’ve been meaning to show off my bread for a while now, but it never crosses my mind till I’ve already eaten half the loaf (not by myself though!  Dave helps!  And it’s usually over the span of a few days.)  I am now baking two loafs of sourdough a week.  How domestic of me!I wasn’t planning on posting anything tonight, but Dave & I cancelled our going-out-to-a-movie-night because it was pouring rain and we thought it would be better to stay in and drink hot chocolate. So anyway…there it is.  My bread:

PS: I promise the next post won’t be about food.

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  • Pat falk Says:

    I have noticed that most of your entries are about food, but they are all amazing pictures and have encouraged me to try new things – to bake and to eat!

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