…A snowflakes chance in BC…

I’m with ya, Calvin.

I’m pretty much a fall/winter sort of person.  Don’t get me wrong–I can enjoy summer like the rest, but crisp cold air and stormy weather makes me a lot happier.  I feel a little bit like I missed winter last year.  It’s just my luck that the first time it snows on Christmas Day in donkeys ears, I’m far away in England.  Where it rained.  Then from January to August, Dave and I had 8 months almost solid of summer weather.
Needless to say, I’ve been anticipating this fall/winter season quite a bit.  Extended summer seasons are nice–but lets face it, seasons are way better. :)
I’ve been watching the snow line on the mountains slowly descend.  I can’t wait for some snowy weather.

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  • Pat Falk Says:

    Don't let your Dad hear you wish for snow! But I am sort of in the same frame of thought. I love windy days, thunder storms are just amazing to watch and big snow fakes falling silently to the ground can be memorizing.

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