Oct 23 2009

"A Million Things That Bug Me"

1. Soggy Bread
2. Nail Chewing
3. Tailgating
4. Mushy Bananas
5. Cockroaches
6. Dirty Public Washrooms
7. Late-Comers
8. Dirty Kitchen Floors
9. Ivy
10. Dry hands

Not quite a million.  I’m trying not to fall under the category of “excessively negative people”.
I’ve been reading the complete works of Calvin & Hobbes lately (my second time through).  I grew up reading it religiously, and had almost all of the books.  A few years ago I gave them all away to my nephew, and later received the complete works for Christmas.  It’s definitely my comfort reading.  The more I read it, the more I’m totally convinced it’s one of the best comics ever written.
So here’s to you, Calvin & Hobbes.  Oh, to be forever 6 years old…


Oct 19 2009

I can dream, can’t I?!

…heh heh…

No.  But seriously.
One of my “way-out-there-shoot-for-the-moon-crazy-dreams” is to have something published in National Geographic.  I’ve been enthralled with the magazine since I was little.  My parents have been subscribers to it since 1971.  Suffice to say I’ve read a lot of National Geographic.  When I was young (and now still) I would have a heart attack when I saw kids cutting up the magazine for collages.  Agh!  How could you destroy such masterful work?! When my mom thought she was going to just sell all of their old magazines at a garage sale, I quickly stepped in and saved the 38 years worth of golden glory.  Dave & I are hoping to subscribe as soon as we can afford it.
I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to become on of the lucky people to be published in it.
In the mean time…this is what I like to imagine one of my articles would look like.

**In case you’ve never been to Bolivia (I’m guessing that’s most of you) and have never heard of the wrestling Cholitas (again, probably most of you) then I urge you to check it out.  We saw a few videos of it, and tried to get tickets to see a show while we were there, but couldn’t never time it right.  It’s quite….interesting…**


Oct 18 2009

i c u.

So I had promised that my next post wouldn’t be about food.  So here it is.
Dave and I decided to take advantage of the lovely leaves on our front lawn before he mulched them up. :(  So here’s our little family portrait for 2009.  It’s always nice having a remote control for a camera so you don’t have to use the timer and run. :)
On a side note…I recently put a hit counter on my blog, and I’ve discovered something interesting.  People are reading it.  You’re reading it.  In fact, so many people have come to my blog, that the hit counter has hit it’s max in just one week, and I had to get another one that was unlimited.
So why aren’t you commenting?
I’d love to hear back.  It makes me write more.
PS I can’t guarantee that this “no blogs about food thing” will last long.

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Oct 16 2009

The Bread of Life.

So here it is.  My masterpiece of bread that I’ve been working on perfecting for the last month.  I’ve finally figured out a sourdough recipe that works out just peachy.  I’ve been meaning to show off my bread for a while now, but it never crosses my mind till I’ve already eaten half the loaf (not by myself though!  Dave helps!  And it’s usually over the span of a few days.)  I am now baking two loafs of sourdough a week.  How domestic of me!I wasn’t planning on posting anything tonight, but Dave & I cancelled our going-out-to-a-movie-night because it was pouring rain and we thought it would be better to stay in and drink hot chocolate. So anyway…there it is.  My bread:

PS: I promise the next post won’t be about food.

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Oct 15 2009

I wouldn’t call us "gamers" but…

…Sometimes (when we are feeling *craazy*) Dave & I stay up late and play “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Sith Lords” on the computer.  On those nights we usually have a snack that looks a little something like the above picture.  It will usually contain any combination of the following:
- Whole Grain Crackers
- Hot Genoa Salami
- Jalepeno Havarti
- Goat Cheese
- Aged Cheddar
- Spicy Pickled Beans
- Steinfeld Pickles
- Green Olives
Finished off with a cup-a-chamomile tea.
I don’t expect anyone to relate to this very strange post.  Not everyone is a fancy cheese, deli meat & pickle lover, who also plays Star Wars computer games.

Hmm….It seems as though many of my posts are about food.  I’m detecting a theme.