Dec 31 2010

day 109: to the new year!


Dec 30 2010

day 108: i’m still here.

Well!  I’ve made it through 2010.  I think.  (I guess I still have to make it through tomorrow…)  I have been SO busy in the last month, my poor blog hasn’t been touched.  But I set aside the last few days of the month to completely redesign everything, and switch it all to wordpress.  Huzzah for wordpress!  I am enjoying the freedom in design with wordpress.  This was not something I experienced with Blogger.


Here’s a post to prove that I’m still here.  Above is evidence of our recent trip to Charlston, South Carolina (which added to our December being ridiculously hectic!)  I was so stoked when I saw this.  We had very limited time to see the sights while there, and I really wanted to come home with a few “rustic scenery” shots (Charleston is surrounded by swampland) and not just buildings in Charleston–which are lovely though.  Our last day there, Dave and I were wandering around the area by our hotel and I saw this swampy area with a crazy dead tree covered on long moss.  It was on the side of a highway!  I think the locals must have been gawking at me as I took pictures of a roadside wasteland, but I got some pretty cool shots.

On another completely different note–my photography website is done!  I hope you will take the time and visit it.


Dec 1 2010

day 107 {to be continued…}

Dear Titled Blog:
I still like you.  I’m just busy.
That is all.
I’ll see you next year.  I think I’ll have more time for you then.

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Nov 25 2010

day 106: {snow day}

Yep.  It snowed today.  A lot.  And apparently it’s all going to be gone by tomorrow.  Rats.


Nov 22 2010

day 105: {the weekend}

Much of my weekend was spent in lighting like this.  ”Oh, how romantic!” you say.  I say, “Oh! How irritating!”  Our power was out for all of Saturday, which meant that I could not do any work.  And if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been just a little busy lately.  So a day of work lost is more than a little bit annoying.
And now the wind is blowing noisily outside, and I can’t help but feel anxious that the power will go out again and I will lose more work time.
Double yarg.