Sick Day.

I took a sick day today.  I had an asthma attack last night and am still recovering.  On a day where I can’t do any housework and am forced to lay down, all I want to do is watch Star Trek.  (But lets be serious…that’s all I ever really want to do even on days when I can do housework. ;D )  Dave & I are working our way through the seasons of TNG (what else is there anyway?)  And for serious…it’s the highlight of my day sometimes.  I can not and will not ever hide the fact that I am a trekkie through and through.  From the very first moment I saw it way back in the day…*sigh*…..
This photo was taken with my new softbox (studio lighting for those who don’t know).  The lights I have in it are the wrong temperature though (they are warm…and my lights on my umbrellas are cool) so I have to replace them.  A little tweaking, however, and you are none the wiser.
Well there you have it!  Ta da!  My sick medicated attempt at blogging.

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