A cat! A job! A garden!

This photo has nothing to do with what I was going to post about.  I just liked it.  A few weeks ago, I decided against selling this vintage radio/record player that I’ve had in storage, and I chose to put it in my studio, since it looks so neat.  Bigsby has decided that it’s his.  Because it’s vintage, I’m not too keen on him sitting on it, but…has anyone ever had luck with telling a cat not to do something?  The second picture of him is pretty much gold.  I’m thrilled that I managed to capture this expression.  It’s rare to see a cat looking as dim-witted as this (although with Bigsby, not as rare).

What I did intend on writing about–and it’s more like just a quick note–is that Dave has gotten the position of Worship Pastor at Ross Road church!  We are both very pleased with this.  This means that Dave is going to be a lot more busy now, considering he will still be working on the farm in the mornings.  But I have many projects to keep me from getting bored in his absence.

On a side note:  I just planted my bulbs for the season.  I am very stoked for my garden this year.  I am trying to choose flowers that are good for cuts.  So far, I have Dahlias, Gladiolas and Lilies.  Much excitement is in the air.

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