A Million Things I Love.

(above: My New Shoes.  They are among the many things that I love.)

A few months ago, I wrote a silly blog called “A Million Things that Bug Me”.  I found it interesting that out of all of my blog posts that one gets the most hits…because of people googling “things that bug me”.  I kind of wondered why people would google that phrase.  Perhaps they are always irritated at something.  Perhaps they like being irritated at things, and wanted to find more things to be irritated at.  Well, I decided to write a reprise.
Here are a million (or so) things that I love (in no particular order).
- My husband Dave.  He’s way cooler that anyone I know.  For serious.
- This cat that lives in my house…maybe you’ve heard me talk about him…his name is Bigsby…he’s white…kind of fat…has a bit of a temper…
- Romantic Music.  No, I don’t mean like “Unchained Melody”, but rather music from from the 19th century from composers like Chopin, Debussy, Liszt…and so on.
- Bread.  Not wonder bread.  But real, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, stone baked bread.  There is no other way.
- Cameras.  I want a new one.  And when I get that one, something else will come out that I want.  And so on…it’s the battle of technology.
- Gardening.  I love growing things.  This is very exciting to me.
- On the topic of plants…I LOVE flowers.  I must always have cut flowers in my house.  I must. Must.
- History.  I was always a bit of a nerd when it came to this.  I’m not very good at learning it, but I try…I really do.  Right now I am reading a book called “The Inheritance of Rome:  A History of Europe from 400-1000AD”  Obviously, a book about the Dark Ages…a period in history that I’m particularly interested in.
- Gene Kelly Musicals.  How can you not love these?  His talent always amazes me.  If you have never seen one of his films, go pick up Singin’ in the Rain.  It’s his most famous film by far.  A classic.
- Those very grand paintings from the 16th century.  I always had been a fan of paintings during the Renaissance, but when I saw them in the Louvre in Paris….I fell in love with them.  Particularly those of Marie de’ Medici painted by Peter Paul Rubens.  They are epic, larger than life paintings depicting stages of the Queens (Marie) life. Amazing.
- Anyone who knows anything about me knows I can’t live without Jazz music.  It’s not even a possibility.
- My Bunnies.  They are very cute.  They poop a lot, but I still love them. :)
- Vintage clothes.  I wish all my clothes were vintage.
- Recycling old things and making new things.  I like to be crafty.  But not crafty in the evil, conniving sense.
- Star Trek.  Your life is not complete until you have seen every episode.  I’m working on it.
- To be honest, most sci-fi I’m a fan of.  Star Wars, Stargate, Star Trek…(hmm…a theme here?)
- England.  I will go back.  And it will be soon.
- Charlie Winston.  Ever heard of him?  Probably not.  But his music is INCREDIBLE.  It’s the first time in a long time that I have been totally blown away by a new album.  Buy his newest, “Hobo”.  It’ll knock your socks off.
- Black nail polish.  It’s not just for goths anymore.
- Marc Chagall.  Seriously one of my favourite painters.  He painted the ceiling of the Paris Opera House, and it’s one of the most unique pieces of art.

…I think this list could go on forever.  I started it about two hours ago, and have been adding one thing after another while I work on other projects.
I hope you get the picture.  There may be a few things that bug me, but there are many more things that I love.

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