How may I bore you today?

omigosh. It’s been, like forever ago since I blogged.  Like, shoot.

It’s really unfortunate.  I have been meaning to post something on my blog, but many things have  been distracting me of late.  Even as I type, I am getting distracted by a million things and then I wonder, “What was I supposed to be doing?”  The funny thing is, a big thing I have been distracted with is a project that I started of putting all my blogs and photos together in yearbooks starting from 2007.  So my blog has not been the last thing on my mind. 
The weather lately has been LOVELY.  I went outside this afternoon and laid on the grass for a bit, just to get away from the boringness of my indoor chores.  So nice.  
Let’s see.  What has been going on…
Dave has officially started his job as worship pastor at Ross Road Community Church this afternoon!  We are both so excited for the position.  We have really enjoyed being a part of the church so far, and I think there’s going to be some serious good times ahead.
Hmm….what else….oh! Our garden is well underway! We have many epic plans of food growing this year.  It is most exciting.
Gee…this is the least exciting blog I have to date.  It’s a blog for the sake of blogging.  It’s the “I should really concentrate on my writing, but I have nothing to write about” blog.  It’s a snoozer.
I was, however, quite pleased with how the picture turned out.  Quite nice indeed.
Ok.  I’ll give it up.  This is clearly not working today.

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