The weather: rain.  My mood: insatiable.
Is that possible for a mood to be unsatisfiable?  You know those days when you just can’t decide on anything?  The kind of day that feels like you’ve got things to do, but you feel like you have nothing to do?  I have a long list of things that need doing.  A lot of them necessary.  Not a lot of them with deadlines.  But I sure would love it if they got done sooner.  I keep skipping from one thing to the next, without really completing the job.  I planned on freezing a bunch of meals this afternoon.  So I roasted a chicken with the intent of cutting it up and making some different sauces to mix it with.  I got as far as roasting, and now it’s just sitting in the fridge.  Waiting.  A scratchy old record of Beethoven is playing right now, and it seems to match my mood.  I decided to wash the floor mat in the bathroom.  I really wanted to wash the whole bathroom, but the mat is as far as I got.  I hung up hooks in my closet so that I can hang scarves.  I was going to organize the whole closet…  I washed the floor in the kitchen.  Then I made myself a cup of tea, and here I am.   The tea is not as good as I expected.  It’s some organic rooibos from the grocery store.  It’s a replacement tea until we get out to Vancouver and buy some rooibos from the T Shop on Broadway.  I had plans to pressure wash the outside of the house, but the rain kept me from it.  It seems as if nothing I do today is exciting enough to capture my attention.  Insatiable.  Even this blog is not satisfying me.  I’m going to go take a bath.  Dave should be home soon.

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