Just a thought…

I was out gardening, and this popped into my mind…

If Classical is the Jazz to the mid 20th century music snob, and Jazz is the Hip Hop/R&B to the mid 20th century average Joe, then is 21st century Hip Hop/R&B the Classical to the mid 21st century music snob?

Did that sentence even make sense?

Let me explain. (It may be hard…I’m hopped up on Benadryl right now)

In 1950, someone who considered themselves an expert in music probably listened to a lot of Chopin, Rachmaninoff, etc.  Likewise, in 1950, your average Joe probably listened to someone like Count Basie, or Duke Ellington.  ”Experts” (music snobs) probably said that Jazz was just a lot of noise in 1950.
Today, in 2010, someone who considers themselves an expert in music (again, I’m referring more to music snobs) would consider the Duke to be brilliant, and celebrates his musical career.  At the same time today, what you hear most in the top 40 is R&B/Hip Hop music.  So does that mean in 2050, music snobs will be celebrating the careers of K-os, sitting around sipping expensive coffee and talking about all the little things in his music that they find inspiring?

Maybe I should pay more attention to the top 40. ;)

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