So here’s the thing.

I’ve been wanting to blog for a while and as per usual, life got in the way.
But today I couldn’t help myself.  I was at Costco, and it sparked something in me.
So here’s the thing.
Every time I go to Costco, I feel like the everyone in the store must have put a whole load of stupid sauce on their pancakes that morning.  Or maybe it’s because Costco can be so overwhelming.  But I’m pretty sure it’s the former.  One of my biggest pet peeves at Costco is customers that stand in the middle of the busy aisle with their cart, blocking the way.  Seriously.  Do you know how busy Costco is?  Do you think I want to try and constantly manoeuvre around people who stop mid aisle and look around aimlessly?  If your going to stop, pull to the side!  Have some consideration for the other 150 million people who are shopping there! I realize that Costco has a whole heap load of everything under the sun, and can be overwhelming.  So make a list!  Shop with a mission!
And that brings me to my next point.  I was waiting in line, and the lady in front of me turns around and says “I forgot my grocery list at home.  I hope I have everything.” I looked in her cart and it had a smattering of random items.  The one that stood out to me, however, was pre-made frozen Quesadillas. *Are you kidding me???  Does anyone know how easy quesadillas are to make?  It’s a freaking tortilla!  With cheese!  And if your feeling crazy, add some chicken and peppers!  If Napoleon Dynamite can make one, you can too! When I was a teenager, it was one of those things I would make when I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to cook a proper lunch for myself.  But now people are too lazy to make the laziest meal ever?*  And as her bill was rung through, I was shocked to see that she spent $135.  The bottom of the cart was not even covered, and most of it was similar pre-made frozen stuff.
(In comparison, my bill was $23.  I got: Enough oatmeal to last 4 months.  Dave has it for breakfast every morning, and I make granola with it that I have for breakfast every morning.  It cost $7.  Breakfast sausage for about 1 and a half months.  Dave and I have a special breakfast every monday morning of sausage and eggs and potato pancakes. $8. Two tubs of plain yogurt.  I go through about 1 tub/week – week and a half.  $7.)
I suppose what bothers me is that all these pre-made things are available.  Something a saw a while ago was pre-cut potatoes.  It saves you a whole 5 minutes!  And you pay 4 times as much!  I hope whomever uses those potatoes uses that extra 5 minutes to earn a butt load of money.  Because I can see no other way that it is worth it.
When I shop at Costco, the desire to be self sufficient grows and grows.  When I see what such convenience does to humanity, it scares me.
In my quest to become a wholesome cook, I have discovered that it is much cheaper to do it yourself.  And seriously–not that much harder.  But you know, even if it was a lot harder I would still do it.  I believe the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to home cooking.  When you can spend $300 a month (that is $5/day per person.  You can’t even eat at McDonalds for that) for two people on fresh wonderful versatile ingredients and have plenty of tasty food, why would anyone want to spend $135 in one trip on frozen quesadillas and hotwings?

*Side note* Another thing I saw at Costco was shopping carts that were littered all throughout the parking lot.  I returned a couple after I returned my own.  Could we please just walk the 20 feet to the cart storage instead of leaving the cart willy-nilly and blocking parking stalls?  These must be the same people who are too lazy to make quesadillas. 

4 Responses to “So here’s the thing.”

  • Anonymous Says:

    I feel this way about Walmart as well as Costco. Move out of the way! :)
    And homemade good food is not hard to make. People are far too lazy these days. If only they knew all the delicious flavours they were missing out on!

  • Jaydene and Dustin Says:

    Try shopping at Costco in California. You can't find a parking stall because there are at least 2 carts in every available stall, so you have to leave your car in the aisle, run over collect the 2 carts, push them aside so you can squeeze in. And if you thought frozen pre-packaged food was bad here… it's an epidemic down there! (I'm with you!)

  • Jaydene and Dustin Says:

    Your pet-peeve is quasadillas… mine is humus. ($5 for 1 container in refrigerated section, or $1 for a can of chick peas that you can blend in the blender with lemon and garlic… so easy…)

  • Sarah Says:

    I was nodding in agreement throughout this whole post… then I got to the cart issue – and you got an audible "I KNOW!" Carts stashed in random places in a parking lot is one of my biggest pet peeves.

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