Jul 31 2010

d6. The Lens.

Today I got a new lens.  I was (and still am) so excited about it.  I asked Dave, “Can you see the beams of joy shining out of me?”  I felt like I was glowing.  This lens is so friggin’ exciting.  It’s a 50mm 1.4 prime lens.  If that even means anything to anyone.  It’s ridonkulously fast.  I am using it with my brothers Canon 50D for the next few weeks and then…(cue exciting music) I will be buying my NEW CANON 7D!
This evening we went to my brothers place in Vancouver to pick up the 50D (I am shooting a wedding tomorrow, and wanted to have it for that).  I took a few pictures with my new lens (trying to get used to a whole new camera system is tricky!)  We had an excellent meal there (my sister-in-law Karla made us AMAZING Ceviche) and then we ordered in Szechwan.  It’s always difficult leaving back for Abbotsford when we visit them.  We so badly love Vancouver (grammar?  did that make sense?), and want to live closer to my brother and his family….*sigh*….Anyway….here were some of my practice shots with the new lens.  (I realized afterwards that I didn’t have it on Raw.  I’m sure I could have pulled a lot more depth from these pictures.  Even so…I’m so thrilled with them).
 (Above:  Chasing Elora around.  I love the shot of her crawling, despite most of her not being in focus.  I like the sense of movement.)

(Daddy & Daughter) :)

(Uncle Dave being shown how to use an iPhone by Markus….or maybe Markus is just looking for videos of crashing cars on the phone.)


Jul 30 2010

day five. fruit. and flowers from work. (FFF)

The fifth day.

I actually thought that I would be struggling by now to post something.  I, in fact have more than enough to post for today.  I might just save one of the pictures for a rainy day when I’m too busy.

Today I had a most exciting breakfast.  (I tend to blog about food a lot.  Bear with me.)  Normally my breakfast has homemade granola and yogurt, but we were out.  So I made myself a fruit salad.  Now I’m not all up for fruit salad that’s full of the cheap boring fruit like melons or grapes.  (Why is it that all fruit salad has only melons and grapes?  I hate melons.  And I can’t eat grapes in the morning.)  No, my fruit salad had berries (from the farm down the road) peaches (from, where else, the Okanagan) and…bananas from…er…who knows where (I normally don’t buy them because they are from so far away, but I am on a fruit kick right now).  It would have been even better with homemade granola and yogurt though…

…And just a quick little post about my little flower arrangement.  I work a few days a week at a floral distribution place and whenever there’s breakage with plants, or something is too old to sell we get to take it home.  I love that!  I am constantly making little flower arrangements for my house.  I seriously love it.
Today I got  a handful of calla lilies and gerberas (this arrangement has a twin that sits on the other side of the shelf).
Umm….and…errr…..I really thought I could drag this out a little more.
I like flowers.
They are pretty.
The end.


Jul 29 2010

d4. The Fog.

I have been trying to wake up early.  When we first got our cows Dave had to be up at 5am to bottle feed them, and so we made a habit of being up early.  But once they were old enough to stop being bottle fed 5am very quickly turned into 8am.  And then I worked very hard to get up earlier….to no avail.     I have been getting over a lung infection that has lasted almost a month and that meant waking up at…*eek*….9am. But!  This week I’ve been up at 7 almost every morning!  Glorious! 
On account of me being up so early, I went out and snapped some pictures of the cows mooing their hearts out in the thick fog.   A foggy morning was a little unexpected. The last month has been so dry.  We have ne’er had a rain cloud since some time in June.  I do like the warm weather.  But a foggy morning like this makes me soooo antsy for Autumn.  It is my absolute most favourite time of year.  I’m sure this fog will be gone by 10am.  But I’m still enjoying it.

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Jul 28 2010

Day 3. The continuation.

I am a very determined girl.

Dave announced this afternoon that guests would be coming for dinner.  Imagine my horror, when what was lurking in my studio was the biggest 50″ TV the world has ever seen.  I couldn’t have it just lounging around in my studio like a welcomed friend.  So I spent the afternoon clearing out the closet, taking down shelves, and eventually getting the beast into the closet all by myself.  (See in the above picture how Bigsby looks on in amazement. “How the flip did you get that thing in there?!” is what I’m sure he was thinking.)

On a more pleasant note:  I am going to a photography seminar in October!  W00t!  On Friday before I went to work I told Dave that I wanted him to surprise me with something. (For some reason every time I’ve told this story people have told me that it’s very strange to request a surprise…oh well.  I am pretty strange.)  So upon arriving home from work I found a meal of Chinese takeout (mmmmm!) and a form to complete for registration for the seminar.

I am SO excited.

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Jul 27 2010

Day Two. Day TV.

Oh dear.  This is embarrassing.  A few days ago Dave expressed interest in buying a cheap used TV so that he could play his old N64.  We don’t have a TV at our house, as we have always found having cable is a waste of time.  I also HATE the look of televisions.  They seem to me to be a brilliant way to destroy the look of a room.  So I told dave, “You may have a TV.  As long as it fits in the closet.”  So we searched “TV” on craigslist (in the free section).  A few old small TV’s popped up.  And then…there was this one.  ”Free 50″ TV.  On/off Switch a bit finicky.  Everything else works beautifully.”  Dave then proceeded to measure the closet in my studio.  It fits. *barely*.  And Dave’s heart was then set.
Leave it up to my husband to find the biggest possible TV within allowance.  We now have a bigger TV than I ever imagined would enter my home.  But as long as I can cover it up, I’m happy.