d6. The Lens.

Today I got a new lens.  I was (and still am) so excited about it.  I asked Dave, “Can you see the beams of joy shining out of me?”  I felt like I was glowing.  This lens is so friggin’ exciting.  It’s a 50mm 1.4 prime lens.  If that even means anything to anyone.  It’s ridonkulously fast.  I am using it with my brothers Canon 50D for the next few weeks and then…(cue exciting music) I will be buying my NEW CANON 7D!
This evening we went to my brothers place in Vancouver to pick up the 50D (I am shooting a wedding tomorrow, and wanted to have it for that).  I took a few pictures with my new lens (trying to get used to a whole new camera system is tricky!)  We had an excellent meal there (my sister-in-law Karla made us AMAZING Ceviche) and then we ordered in Szechwan.  It’s always difficult leaving back for Abbotsford when we visit them.  We so badly love Vancouver (grammar?  did that make sense?), and want to live closer to my brother and his family….*sigh*….Anyway….here were some of my practice shots with the new lens.  (I realized afterwards that I didn’t have it on Raw.  I’m sure I could have pulled a lot more depth from these pictures.  Even so…I’m so thrilled with them).
 (Above:  Chasing Elora around.  I love the shot of her crawling, despite most of her not being in focus.  I like the sense of movement.)

(Daddy & Daughter) :)

(Uncle Dave being shown how to use an iPhone by Markus….or maybe Markus is just looking for videos of crashing cars on the phone.)

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