day five. fruit. and flowers from work. (FFF)

The fifth day.

I actually thought that I would be struggling by now to post something.  I, in fact have more than enough to post for today.  I might just save one of the pictures for a rainy day when I’m too busy.

Today I had a most exciting breakfast.  (I tend to blog about food a lot.  Bear with me.)  Normally my breakfast has homemade granola and yogurt, but we were out.  So I made myself a fruit salad.  Now I’m not all up for fruit salad that’s full of the cheap boring fruit like melons or grapes.  (Why is it that all fruit salad has only melons and grapes?  I hate melons.  And I can’t eat grapes in the morning.)  No, my fruit salad had berries (from the farm down the road) peaches (from, where else, the Okanagan) and…bananas from…er…who knows where (I normally don’t buy them because they are from so far away, but I am on a fruit kick right now).  It would have been even better with homemade granola and yogurt though…

…And just a quick little post about my little flower arrangement.  I work a few days a week at a floral distribution place and whenever there’s breakage with plants, or something is too old to sell we get to take it home.  I love that!  I am constantly making little flower arrangements for my house.  I seriously love it.
Today I got  a handful of calla lilies and gerberas (this arrangement has a twin that sits on the other side of the shelf).
Umm….and…errr…..I really thought I could drag this out a little more.
I like flowers.
They are pretty.
The end.

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