Day Two. Day TV.

Oh dear.  This is embarrassing.  A few days ago Dave expressed interest in buying a cheap used TV so that he could play his old N64.  We don’t have a TV at our house, as we have always found having cable is a waste of time.  I also HATE the look of televisions.  They seem to me to be a brilliant way to destroy the look of a room.  So I told dave, “You may have a TV.  As long as it fits in the closet.”  So we searched “TV” on craigslist (in the free section).  A few old small TV’s popped up.  And then…there was this one.  ”Free 50″ TV.  On/off Switch a bit finicky.  Everything else works beautifully.”  Dave then proceeded to measure the closet in my studio.  It fits. *barely*.  And Dave’s heart was then set.
Leave it up to my husband to find the biggest possible TV within allowance.  We now have a bigger TV than I ever imagined would enter my home.  But as long as I can cover it up, I’m happy.

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