This afternoon, my husband and I went to Fort Langley to hang out (a pretty typical free afternoon for us is spent there).  We often spend a lot of time at the Antique mall there, whereupon I dream about all the vintage things I want to buy there. (Among the many things I want, are a set of pastel pyrex nesting bowls, similar to the ones pictured, although I think there is a green one in the set as well).
There was another set of pyrex nesting bowls that was in shades of chartreuse with white daisies on it.  If I was not saving my pennies for a new camera….those would be in my cupboard right now.

This time in Fort Langley I went into a little lingerie shop called “Nectar Lingerie“.  I had always passed it, but never really paid much attention.  But when we were passing it on our way back to the car I went in just on a whim.  Right away I was greeted with exceptional service!  The sales girl was very friendly, and she told me all about this line that they carry called “What Katie Did”.  They are a vintage lingerie company based out of London, and considered one of the top corsetieres in the world.  Nectar Lingerie is one of two places in Canada that is allowed to carry the line.  And what a line it is.  I’d love to invest in one of the corsets (to the right is one that I love) to wear with some of my vintage dresses.  What’s more, they carry vintage style bathing suits. *gasp* !!!!  So exciting.
Go to their website.  Such beautiful stuff. http://www.whatkatiedid.com/

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