Aug 26 2010

day 32: off camera

carly 17sm
A preview of the photo session I did last night.

I have always been fascinated by what you can do with off camera flash photography.  I love the idea of being able to create dramatic lighting in whatever setting you are in. (*warning: geek photographer talk coming up*) Since I don’t have a proper transmitter to use with my Canon Flash, I must resort to using my Pentax flash as a master, on a tripod (which can be triggered by any flash) and my Canon flash as a slave ( turned down to 1/64 of the power) directed at the Pentax flash.  This was the only solution that I could come up with until I can afford to buy a transmitter (a device that fits in the hot shoe of my camera and tells my flash, which would be on a tripod, to flash.)  Confusing enough?  My current system has a few flaws….I can’t really be behind the key light (the flash on the tripod), or too far away from it  because it has to be in an area that will pick up the flash from my camera so it will trigger.  I have searched the internet for ways of doing it with minimal equipment, but to no avail.  I did find some cheap ($40 compared to $300 for the Canon brand) third party flash transmitters on Amazon…but I have my doubts as to how reliable they are.
(*geek photographer talk over*)
Yesterday evening I did a session with a friend so that I could try out what I’ve been learning.  The above picture is one of the most dramatic examples from yesterday of how off camera flash work can look.  I’m really hoping to have this technique down one day.


Aug 25 2010

day31: It’s coming.

You can’t deny it.  Summer is almost over.  My trees say so.  And so do I.
So there.
Autumn will win the battle.

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Aug 24 2010

day30: Knock Knock!

I have found the best office supply company.

It’s called “Knock Knock

Dave and I bought a “Personal Library Kit” from them yesterday.  We’ve known about it for a while, but the store that carries it hasn’t had it in for a long time.  They finally had it yesterday!  Score.

I went to their website this morning and have discovered an array of amazingly obnoxious office supplies. I have big plans of making very large orders of their product.  

Today is the calm after the storm, before the storm.  I’m hoping to take this evening and hide before things get crazy again.  Our house guests are gone, the house is clean again…and I’m gonna start reading my complete Calvin and Hobbes collection again today (third times a charm).  Ok…I just realized I’ve got to head out to work.  I hope I can keep my eyes open.


Aug 23 2010

day29: Tour-guides!

I am quite pleased with this photo.  I took it while I was waiting for Dave to pay for parking in Vancouver this morning.

We took our out of town guests, the Joyces to Vancouver today.  It’s always fun taking people who aren’t very familiar with, or have never been to Vancouver.  I love the city so much, I have no problem playing tour guide.

I also have no problem with the fact that I captured this image of Alex while we were by Canada Place.



Aug 22 2010

28th day: People. Brownies.

Today, there was a lot of people at our house for dinner.

I made little chocolate brownies covered in modelling chocolate.

They ate the brownies.

My cat attacked many of them.

I felt a little overwhelmed at times.

Overall, however, it was good.

Then they went home.

Well…some of them.

This is the end of my bad post-modern poetry.

We had a YWAM Reunion today.  A family that worked at the school we went to in England came home to Washington for the summer.  They have many friends in Abbotsford who have attended the school over the years, so we decided to throw a BBQ at our place so that they could invite them all and see them.  It was really great (but a little surreal at the same time) to see everyone.  They ended up then crashing at our house for the night, so that they wouldn’t have a long crazy drive home.
Poor Bigsby was so confused.  First *his* house was invaded by people for dinner…and then some of them had the nerve to stay the night on *his* domain….*sigh*….our cat doesn’t take well to change…